Welcome to DIENG TOUR AND TRAVEL ORGANIZER, it’s an event tourism organizer in Dieng Plateau. Hopefully you can get information of Dieng Plateau you are looking for. We provided information of tourism objects such as nature, culture, history, education, adventure, tradition, technology and religion, those are in Dieng Plateau. The information we presented is in the pack, in the form of various tour packages.

We presented many tourist attractions in our tour packages, that would not be found in other organizers. If you have not found any information of the tour packages we provided, please send us email by using our contact form. We are ready to serve you by providing any information you are needing.


  1.  There are various tour packages:
    Not only the best service and cheapest price you get, but you can also choose the best tour packages you want. You will also be aided in the process of planning and implementation of activities in the field. By following Dieng Tour And Travel, you will not only enjoy the beauty’s attractions, but also be able to acquire knowledge and take the positive values ​​of the tourism objects you are visiting.
  2. Ensured accommodation:
    You will be easier to find accommodation in Dieng Plateau such as transport, hotel, restaurant, tourism destination, those all are provided by Dieng Tour And Travel.
  3.  Conformity and regularity time of tour :
    You will be enjoying the conformity and regularity time of your tour because accompanied by an experienced local guide who has extensive knowledge of Dieng Plateau, so you will be properly enjoying the story, history and legends of destination you are visiting.

DIENG TOUR AND TRAVEL ORGANIZER  gives you priority of comfortable services and satisfaction guarantees of your trips.

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