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Wonosobo Inter Village 6 -7 September 2014


Price / pax       : IDR 1600000

Total Pax         : 30 pax


Facilities          :

  • Transportation
  • 4x Meals
  • Local Guide
  • Home stay
  • Equipments ( rafting & trekking )
  • Souvenir

Activities         :

  • Trekking
  • Rafting
  • Painting “ Topeng Lengger “
  • Visiting Home Industry of Carica ( Typical fruit of DIENG PLATEAU )

Show                :

  • Traditional Dance of “ Topeng Lengger “

Culinary           :

  • Nasi Jagung ( Traditional Food )
  • Mie Ongklok ( Traditional Food )
  • Nasi Megono ( Traditional Food )

Visited Villages:

  • Menjer ( Natural Attraction such as lake, mountains and also agriculture )
  • Ds. Sendang Sari ( Tourism Village )
  • Ds. Jelamprang ( Welding Centre / Welder’s Village )
  • Dieng Plateau ( Hindu Temple, Crater Sikidang, Lake Warna )
  • Kalibeber ( Basic of Moslem Student and Opak Centre )



“Wonosobo Inter Villages” is a tourism event that presents the beauty of nature, culture, and other uniqueness which owned by some of villages in Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. Travelers will be carried over to enjoy the beautiful scene and friendliness of people of  villages by joining in the activities of this event such as trekking, rafting even mingling with the local people of the villages.



Contact Person            :

  • Mr. Rena Wijaya

CEO of Dieng Tour And Travel Organizer

+62 ( 0 ) 852 2724 3431 ( whatsapp available )

+62 ( 0 ) 856 0006 2907


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Sileri is a crater which located in Dieng Plateau. The shape of this crater is relatively quiet when we compered to Sikidang Crater. Although the water level of the crater is quite calm, but it’s hot too.


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DIENG DIENG CULTURE FESTIVAL is an annual cultural festival held in Dieng Plateau. The festival is usually in the title as a means to attract tourists to visit Dieng Plateau because of the uniqueness of the festival. To enliven the event is usually held cultural performances, from traditional dances to Pemotonngan Rambut Gimbal.


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Purwaceng is a name of a wild plant that only grows in Dieng Plateau. This plant is an unique plant because it has beneficial ingredients for body fitness. This herb is also believed to be a powerful medicinal plant, especially for male arousal enhancer in sexual intercourse.

Jaran Kepang

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juga disebut jaran kepang atau jathilan adalah tarian tradisional Jawa menampilkan sekelompok prajurit tengah menunggang kuda. Tarian ini menggunakan kuda yang terbuat dari bambu yang di anyam dan dipotong menyerupai bentuk kuda. Anyaman kuda ini dihias dengan cat dan kain beraneka warna. Tarian kuda lumping biasanya hanya menampilkan adegan prajurit berkuda, akan tetapi beberapa penampilan kuda lumping juga menyuguhkan atraksi kesurupan, kekebalan, dan kekuatan magis, seperti atraksi memakan beling dan kekebalan tubuh terhadap deraan pecut. Jaran Kepang merupakan bagian dari pagelaran tari reog. Meskipun tarian ini berasal dari Jawa, Indonesia, tarian ini juga diwariskan oleh kaum Jawa yang menetap di Sumatera Utara dan di beberapa daerah di luar Indonesia seperti di Malaysia.

Kuda lumping adalah seni tari yang dimainkan dengan properti berupa kuda tiruan, yang terbuat dari anyaman bambu atau kepang. Tidak satupun catatan sejarah mampu menjelaskan asal mula tarian ini, hanya riwayat verbal yang diturunkan dari satu generasi ke generasi berikutnya.